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Is your child Gifted? Are you seeking AG services in Wake County NC, Durham County NC, Orange County NC, Lee County NC, Harnett County NC, Chatham County NC, Johnston County NC, or somewhere else in the North Carolina Public School System? Or are you simply curious about your of your child's I.Q? Wynns Family Psychology offers a full range of expert testing services, including Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Achievement, and Academically Gifted (AG) evaluations. A complete list of our assessment services can be found here.

IQ Testing is designed to evaluate your child's (or an adult's) innate cognitive abilities – not necessarily what has already been learned, but his or her intellectual potential
. This testing is designed to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses, providing parents with peace of mind about their child's abilities. I.Q. Testing can be provided on its own or as a component of AG (Academically Gifted), LD (Learning Disability), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), or ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) evaluations.

Achievement testing assesses your child's performance in reading, writing, and math – this determines what he or she has already learned and knows. It measures the comprehension of acquired skills and content. Achievement testing can help determine your child's specific areas of academic strengths and weaknesses. And it can be a valuable resource, in both traditional school and homeschooling environments, by tracking your child's academic progress over the years.

Academically Gifted testing combines both IQ and Achievement assessments to determine if your child is eligible for AG services in his or her NC public school.
The specific tests given (WISC, WPPSI, WAIS) are determined by age. If your child is Gifted, it's important to get him or her appropriate educational experiences at an early age. Gifted kids can quickly become bored with school if lessons are beneath their academic and intellectual levels. This can ironically lead to underachieving if the special needs aren't met. AG kids often need a different kind of instruction and classroom experience in order to thrive and reach their full potential.

Consider Academically Gifted (AG) Testing for the following:

To help identify your child for a Gifted program
To provide details about learning needs, including strengths and weaknesses
To discover any learning disabilities requiring intervention
To help advocate for appropriate educational accommodations

The best time to test for giftedness is when your child is 4-years-old or older. Testing before age four can sometimes result in unreliable scores because behavior is more unpredictable.

Wynns Family Psychology is experienced with Gifted, Achievement, and I. Q. Testing. And we frequently test children in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) and surrounding areas. We're confident you'll be more than satisfied with our services, as our professional assessments and thorough reports always come from caring and highly competent doctoral-level psychologists.

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Wynns Family Psychology is a child psychologist / therapist practice in the Cary NC area.

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Do you wonder if your child is Gifted because he or she is an early reader, has an excellent memory, or relates well to adults? Parents can often sense that their child may be brighter than average when witnessing these kinds of advanced abilities. Although there is no official list, here are some example characteristics to help determine if your child may be Gifted or have a high IQ. And remember, your child doesn't need to have all of these traits to be considered Gifted:

Extremely curious
Asks thoughtful questions
Intense interests
Excellent memory
Long attention span
Fluent, flexible, elaborate, and original thinking
Well-developed powers of abstraction, conceptualization, and synthesis
Quickly and easily sees relationships in ideas, objects, or facts
Excellent reasoning and problem-solving skills
Good at guessing correct answers
May become bored in school because he or she already knows most of the answers
Gets good grades and test scores even without much effort
Learns quickly, with less practice and repetition
Gets involved physically and mentally (taking in information even when seemingly not paying attention)
Unusual and/or vivid imagination
May be self-critical or perfectionistic
Expresses strong feelings and opinions
May prefer the company of older peers or adults
Interested in philosophical and social issues
Very sensitive, emotionally and even physically
Concerned about fairness and injustice
May have "supersensitivities" such as easily getting feelings hurt, sensitivity to loud noises, bothered by the seams on socks, etc
May be overexcitable, have excess energy, constantly be in motion

Wynns Family Psychology is a child psychologist / therapist practice in the Cary NC area.